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Laser Spine Surgery

LASER SPINE SURGERY is one of the most advanced methods of treating disc prolapse.

Using the latest technology in medical laser, we are able to shrink bulging discs by applying laser energy to the disc bulge. This is a NICE approved procedure with high success rates. The indications for laser spine surgery include back pain, sciatica, radiculopathy and spinal stenosis.

Avoid gimmicks and websites that advertise spine laser but are not offering the proper NICE approved laser spine surgical procedure. Laser spine surgery involves the use of a laser fibre inserted into the bulging disc and applying regulated energy to shrink the disc bulge. The procedure can only be performed by a specialist with training and experience in this technique at a certified clinic.

The Harley Street Hospital is an Approved Centre for Spine Laser Treatments


Laser Disc Surgery


Flexible Spine Stabilisation

Dynamic Stabilisation

DYNAMIC STABILISATION SPINE SURGERY is an alternative to Lumbar Fusion Surgery.

Recent advances in technology have allowed the design of new implants that are flexible and permanent lasting and provide stability to the spine. This technique is performed through keyhole surgery and involves the use of a titanium or silicone spacer or flexible rods that are inserted between the vertebrae (spinal bones) to provide a cushioning effect and to offload the painful structures in the spine such as facet joints, degenerate discs and painful muscles.

The Indications for this type of surgery include back pain, spinal stenosis and foraminal stenosis causing sciatica

The Harley Street Hospital has surgeons who are UK’s leading experts in Dynamic Spinal Stabilisation Surgery



Lumbar Fusion or Cervical Fusion surgery is not recommended for patients who have disc degeneration affecting 2 or more discs. Spinal Fusion may cause extra stress on adjacent discs leading to accelerated degeneration and future problems that are more difficult to treat. Disc Replacement Surgery involves replacing degenerated discs with a mobile implant that preserves movement and retains natural balance of the spine. This type of surgery requires specialist skills to achieve best results.

Disc Replacement surgery may be suitable for patients suffering from back pain, sciatica, trapped nerves, bulging discs and spinal stenosis.

The Harley Street Hospital can offer a Second Opinion if you have been offered lumbar fusion surgery


Disc Replacement


Spinal Stenosis Day Surgery


KEYHOLE SPINAL STENOSIS SURGERY is a revolutionary Day Surgery Procedure.

Spinal stenosis is a common condition that causes pain in the legs when walking or standing. It is caused by narrowing of the spinal canal leading to nerve compression. The symptoms include back pain, stooping forwards when walking, pain, tingling or numbness in the legs. It is more common as you get older. Most patients will experience symptoms after the age of 40 and it becomes very common after the age of 65. You may experience a reduction in walking distance but relief when sitting. The symptoms are very subtle and may go unnoticed.

If you have been offerred lumbar laminectomy or Lumbar decompression surgery, we would recommend you get a second opinion to see if you are suitable for our day surgery procedure that avoids removing excessive bone and creating instability.

The Indications for this type of surgery include back pain, spinal stenosis and foraminal stenosis causing sciatica

The London Spine Unit is a specialist Spinal Day Surgery Centre for Spinal Stenosis Surgery



Recent advances in camera technology and powerful lighting has allowed the development of keyhole surgical techniques that avoid the need for skin incisions. Using a thin tube with a camera attached to the tip of the tube, the surgeon is able to view small structures deep within the body. The ability to visualise nerves and blood vessels within the body allows precision surgery to be performed without the need for large skin incisions. Furthermore, special instruments such as lasers, surgical tools etc can be inserted through the tube to perform surgery that was never possible in the past.

Endoscopic Spinal surgery may be suitable for patients suffering from back pain, sciatica, trapped nerves, bulging discs, spinal stenosis, scarring around nerves from previous surgery.

The London Spine Unit is a world leader in Minimally Invasive Spinal Surgery.


Spinal Endoscopy


Spinal Ozone Therapy



Disc degeneration and disc protrusion is known to cause inflammation and chemical mediators that irritate muscles and nerves. Back pain and sciatica is caused by inflammation of nerve roots in the discs , muscles and nerve roots.

Ozone is a chemical mixture of concentrated oxygen that causes the body to produce anti-oxidants. These naturally formed chemicals by the body can help to neutralise the effect of inflammation on the nerves. Removing inflammatory chemicals leads to reduction of pain and healing of damaged organs.

The Indications for Spinal Ozone therapy include back pain, sciatica, lumbago, muscle cramps and facet joint pain.

The London Spine Unit is offers Spinal Ozone injections for disc degeneration


BALLOON KYPHOPLASTY and VERTEBROPLASTY for Vertebral Compression Fractures 

Osteoporosis is one of the most common causes of broken bones. Vertebral compression fractures in the spine cause pain, spinal deformity and loss of height. This condition is often ignored or treated with high dose pain killers which lead to further problems in elderly patients. Spinal fractures are often managed with corsets, bed rest, pain killers and other treatments that delay a patients return to normal function. Balloon kyphoplasty is a method of fixing broken spinal bones using a balloon inserted into the broken vertebra through a large needle. The balloon is then inflated to correct the shape of the collapsed vertebra followed by an injection of cement that completely hardens within a couple of  minutes. The majority of patients are able to get up after the procedure and immediately mobilise being pain free. Balloon kyphoplasty can correct a hunched posture, relieve pain and improve mobility almost instantly.

Balloon Kyphoplasty surgery may be suitable for patients suffering from osteoporosis, spinal compression fractures, metastases from cancer, hunched posture from osteoporosis and

The London Spine Unit offers this procedure as a day surgery procedure


Balloon Kyphoplasty


Spinal Injections



Spinal injections using corticosteroid or platelet rich plasma are the most common method of reducing inflammation and swelling of nerves, discs and muscles in the spine. They are very low risk methods of quickly eradicating pain and improving mobility.  The reduction of pain and inflammation can be long lasting if combined with a good exercise program.

Spinal injections are usually aimed at the source of pain. Various spinal injections include facet joint, nerve root or epidural injections depending on the source of pain.

The Indications for Spinal Injections include back pain, sciatica, lumbago, muscle cramps and facet joint pain.

The London Spine Unit is offers Spinal injections for back pain, neck pain and nerve pain



Radiofrequency energy is used to reduce the sensitivity of nerves that transmit pain in the body. This procedure is aimed at eliminating pain from degenerated facet joints and sensitive nerve roots. The procedure uses special needles that are used to transmit radiofrequency energy into painful areas of the spine. The painful structures become desensitised leading to long term pain relief in most cases.

Radiofrequency denervation is a treatment for persistent back pain, chronic sciatica and ehere spinal injections have provided only temporary pain relief.

The London Spine Unit is a specialist centre for spinal pain management


Radiofrequency Denervation

What do our patients say ...

We are the most highly rated Spine Centre in the UK with consistently top ratings on Trustpilot, Google, Doctify and other Review platforms.

Our focus is on providing the latest, safest, most effective and affordable care for all patients suffering from any spinal condition. Patients travel to us from all over the UK and the World because they value the experience and aftercare they receive from our expert team. 

Good treatment, uncomplciated, great solution,
Sam Sahota
Sam Sahota
My personal experience of The London Spine Unit in Harley Street London and the whole team of surgeon Mo Akmal written two weeks after my Surgery . It’s been an absolutely amazing experience. I am a 58 year old male . Many years ago I was breaking some concrete with a very large sledgehammer that’s where all my problems started. During these many years I have undergone Facet joint injections, many appointments with Osteopaths,Chiropractors,Acupuncture,Massages etc etc the list is endless.They would be helpful for a few days and then the pain in my back and weakness in my legs would return. 2019 had Mri of lumbar area showed disc bulge trapping nerves in l4/5 areas I underwent an open surgery on Nhs to cut away part of the disc that was causing the problem.I was in hospital for 5 days and recovery took many months, Then the pain returned!!I then decided to live with the unbearable pain as I couldn’t go through all that again, I was recommended to Mo Akmal, he arranged a much clearer Mri within two hours he took a look and identified the problem the following week after my pre op assessment my keyhole surgery was done within 2 hours , immediately I was pain free I noticed immediately the pain free sensation I was very happy with the outcome , it was so simple , I could walk painfree. I came in a taxi in the morning and took a taxi back home in the evening . Mo akmal Is a very professional surgeon it was like talking to a friend no rush at all , didn’t even seem like a surgery, Member of his team calls me three times a week to see how I’m getting on. Now I don’t even think about my back as I have zero pain , I sleep well, I feel much better from within, I have no hesitation in recommending Mo Akmal . I am a person that does so much research into things like this as I know the risks aswell as the benefits,I jumped at the opportunity that was given to me for this keyhole surgery. I did not tell anyone of my friends as they really did not know the pain I was in and if I had told them I know they would of discouraged me of going ahead. 2 weeks later I feel totally pain free. If in any doubt I do not mind Mo giving my email to anyone as long as I can help them out of pain .i was always told use hot and cold packs on your back , it didn’t help much mine was a much more deep rooted problem that need proper intervention I have learnt over the years that very seldom will a therapist ever tell you to get an MRI to see exactly what is going on inside your body it’s left to your own judgement, no amount of alternative therapy would of actually helped my problem if I wanted to get to the root of the problem..It’s your choice to go ahead with treatment or not BUT atleast you will know and have a better understanding of exactly what is causing your problem. I would say Don’t suffer in silence do something about it like I did .
Mrs Michelle Hunter
Mrs Michelle Hunter
I would highly recommend Mr Mo Akmal and his team at the London Spine Unit. I have had issues with my lumbar spine for over 20 years and have struggled to find someone who could help. My situation was complicated by a separate neurological diagnosis 7 years ago. Mr Akmal listened to my medical history and offered informed and honest advice, taking a holistic view based on his extensive experience and listening to my opinion with an open mind. I have had 2 minimally invasive procedures at the London Spine Unit during the Covid pandemic. I felt very safe and well looked after on both occasions. The results were great, they allowed me to finally exercise without pain & weakness and to play with my 2yr old! (Which was very important with nursery closures in Scotland!). I still have a way to go but I feel like I have finally found someone who genuinely cares and understands, and I am no longer alone with my health journey. Thank-you Mr Akmal and your amazing team!!
Lee Burnside
Lee Burnside
Top notch service great staff and a fantastic after care support. After having partial disc removed i woke up to zero pain and could walk upright no problem well worth paying for the private treatment.
I had been suffering with a trapped nerve in my back for 18 months which meant I could only stand for about an hour and I couldn’t sit in a chair. I was spending 70% of my day lying down. I had been off work all this time on universal credit (£80 a week). Four different doctors and two consultants said it was a muscle problem. NHS finally agreed to give me an MRI which clearly showed my L5/S1 disc was badly worn, the L5 vertebrae was arthritic and the vertebrae were rubbing together but still they told me it was a muscle problem. One consultant told me I was imagining my leg pain and said to buy a tennis ball and massage my muscle with it by pushing it into my back! I then went to a private hospital in Aberdeen, the consultant there was very arrogant and told me fusing vertebrae and replacing discs didn’t work. He said my problem would go away after a couple of years! This is when I found Mr Akmal! I did an internet search and while I was reading about The London Spine Clinic one of Mr Akmal’s team asked me via web chat if they could help. I briefly explained my back problem and arranged an appointment over the phone for the next day. I uploaded my MRI and Mr Akmal phoned me with his diagnosis. He gave me a fair and honest opinion and said I could take his diagnosis and get treatment elsewhere as I live 700 miles away. Mr Akmal said there was nothing left of my disc and needed an operation. After more fobbing off by the NHS I decided to get the surgery done by Mr Akmal. I flew from Orkney to London on my own on the Sunday, had the operation on the Monday. I went back to my accommodation 2.5 hours after the operation in a taxi. I went back for a check up by Mr Akmal on the Tuesday and flew home to Orkney on the Wednesday. The operation was for: Posterior Lumbar Decompression + Instrumented Fusion. I am so glad I chose Mr Akmal and The London Spine Clinic for this procedure. My whole experience from start to finish was amazing. All the staff were really friendly and helpful. Mr Akmal’s skill, experience and passion for helping people really shines through. The follow up appointments have been excellent. The whole experience was so laid back it doesn’t feel like I had major back surgery 18 days ago. My pain has completely gone. I walked 3 miles for the first time in 2 years the other day. I cannot put into words how this has changed my life! If you have back pain I cannot recommend Mr Akmal highly enough, he will give you an honest opinion and offer the best solution for your problem.
Tash Dean
Tash Dean
I have had back problems for years after an injury at work when I was in my early 20s. I have seen multiple doctors, osteopaths, chiropractors and even other surgeons but for 8 years I struggled on with no improvement, if anything the condition got worse. At times I would often have to stay in bed for a week or take a lot of pain killers to get through a working day when things would flare up. Dr Akmal and his team were patient and really listened to my history and condition. He was quick to see the problem from an MRI and suggested different options for my recovery starting with the least invasive with the hope this would work. Sadly we tried a few things which didnt work but I am glad we went through the process of ruling out lesser procedures first and also physiotherapy. In the end we made the decision that I should have a L4/L5 lumbar spinal fusion as a day case. I was very nervous about this as I really wanted to avoid surgery however Dr Akmal and the team talked me through everything and reassured me that the benefits could really be amazing and I have to say they were really right. It took a few weeks to let everything heal but within 2 months I could already feel the benefits and now after 5 months from the surgery I feel like a new person, I have my full mobility back, can still comfortably, lift things and move and exercise in a way that I haven’t been able to in years and all without the fear of further hurting myself. I really cant praise Dr Akmal and the team enough. He is patient, kind and understanding and really put me at ease and answered any questions and concerns I had. I would recommend anyone with back issues to consult with him as it really could change your life and I am so grateful.
Premier Cars
Premier Cars
My wife had been in severe back and leg pain for almost 3 months, we had tried going to A&E a few times to get help but all they did was keep giving her stronger pain killers and requested a scan which took 2 months to come through and was dated for a further month she was crying in pain and I had to literally carry her to the toilet and had to bath her I was left with limited choices I took her to Dubai for a quicker privately funded a MRI scan which showed her disc impairment and was advised laser back therapy treatment which did not help we came back to the uk, by this time she was in a wheelchair and completely reliant on myself which caused a lot of emotional stress along with having to see her cry all the time we then had some treatment in Sheffield which again did not help at this point I was sure she needed back surgery and the NHS wasn’t willing to help until they said she reached the peak of this problem and was told to dial 999 if her water works had stopped which I found even more worrying and pathetic I didn’t want to see my wife struggle or cry anymore so I searched up the best back specialists in uk and Mr Mo Akmal from Harley Street Hospital (HSH) came up he was available for an appointment the next day when we attended he reassured us by looking at her MRI scan report that she needed an operation but of course there was other cheaper treatments available to us to try before so I made it clear to DR Mo Akmal that money was no issue and we need the best treatment which was going to be having back surgery we was called back to HSH for an operation 2 days later DR Mo Akmal was amazing and provided the best reassurance and said “ she’s in a wheelchair but she will walk back out of here” I was jumping for joy my wife went in on a wheelchair and Alhamdulillah walked back out on her own 2 feet I just can’t thank DR MO AKMAL and his team at Harley Street Hospital the best place for treatment and the best care from the moment you enter their front door till you walk out 10/10
Devan B
Devan B
I was seen by Mr Akmal for a L4/L5 discectomy. One of the biggest hurdles with any medical treatment is being comfortable and surrendering to the process. Mr Akmal and his team are consummate professionals with a very human bed side manner and give you the reassurance you need. I initially reached out to Mr Akmal via email and within a few hours he responded and an initial consultation was booked. The team is welcoming from front desk through to admin, theatre staff and all support doctors. This is a reflection of Mr Akmal himself. Everyone had plenty of time and no question was too trivial. I never felt rushed in my pre operation appointments when Mr Akmal discussed all options and we jointly agreed on my discectomy. Given my pain level surgery was planned and I was booked within days of my initial consultation. I very quickly came to realise that I was not just a number as in no time everyone knew my name. The day of the procedure I had a full briefing by the theatre staff who kept me updated on the time that I would be taken to theatre, with a pre op visit by Mr Akmal. The patient pods were very comfortable and clean. I walked to theatre and again the staff alleviated any anxiety I felt. Mr Akmal was already in theatre. Post op the recovery team were wonderful ensuring that I was comfortable and provided a light refreshment. Mr Akmal came to see me two hours post op and I walked with him - pain free! The discharge was seamless and for the first few days the team called to check on me. Mr Akmal reviewed me in clinic two weeks post op and again had plenty of time for all my questions. I am now 5 weeks post op and healing well. The London Spine Unit delivered on all my expectations. A very seamless team and service. A big thanks to Mr Akmal, Dr Lok, Rola and the whole team for looking after me.
Juan C H
Juan C H
I was checking for recommendations on the best spine clinics in London, and the London Spine Unit came up. Without a doubt it is one of the best or I would say the best Spine Unit in London or even in the UK. I had the luck to be in the care of Dr Mo Akmal, which tried to find the best solution for my back issues and he did, I had surgery 2 weeks ago and it totally fixed my spine issue. I am pain free now and I can finally have a normal life with no pain at all, of course the care of the nurses and staff of the clinic very professional and very warm. Thank you for everything, I can't thank you enough for all the help given by the whole personal in the clinic.
Krissie Nicolson
Krissie Nicolson
Before treatment from Mo Akmal my quality of life was severely impacted by a herniated disc. Normally very active, I was bent double and could not walk, sit or stand for more than 15 minutes without chronic pain. I tried physiotherapy, a chiropractor and injections. The surgery Mr Akmal performed was miraculous. I walked out of theatre upright for the first time in 6 months and have not had any problems since. It has felt unbelievably good to finally have my life back. A simple walk down the street has become such a joy. This surgery was worth every single penny.

Same Day Discharge

We are the only UK spine Surgery Centre performing day case spine surgery.
Our Revolutionary techniques allow patients to be up and walking immediately after surgery and appreciate going home on the same day.

Avoid inpatient stay. Avoid pain after Surgery. Avoid General Anaesthetic.

The videos below speak for themselves and show patients shortly after surgery.

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Our specialists are some of the best and world leading spinal consultants. We offer treatments that are rarely performed elsewhere. Our facility is dedicated to spinal treatments. Having treated tens of thousands of patients, our doctors will be able to offer you some of the most advanced treatments available in the world.

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